Wireless chargers are smart electronic accessories we find these days. Especially when we are traveling to somewhere we can’t find the switch to charge our mobile phones, tablets, etc. in that case wireless charger can be really useful. You just have to charge it and then it charges your phone etc. It is perfect stuff to carry with us if we are going somewhere important in a business meeting or wedding and your phone is not charged well then you must keep this type of electronic stuff with you.

What role do wireless chargers play?

Since wireless chargers have been introduced it almost replaced the old-fashioned manual wired charger. Now since the wireless era has taken over who wants to carry those wired chargers? It is easy and portable stuff, easy to carry needs to be charged one time you can charge your devices with it if you are out of your house.

Which brands are offering the most reliable wireless chargers?

1. Belkin:

Belkin offers a smart wireless charger for you to carry anywhere, everywhere. Let’s discuss its amazing features below.


  • Fast charging: It charges fast up to 15 watts as compared to fast chargers.
  • Package: It includes a package that contains the wireless charging pad and power supply unit.
  • Warranty: Belkin offers a 2 year warranty.
  • Led light indication: It has the LED light indication on the pad, it indicates a green light which means that the charger has been attached properly while a red light means that it is not charging.
  • Non-slip material: The Belkin charging pad is not slippery our mobile phones stick to it properly then we can message or call while charging.
  • Device Compatibility: It is compatible with many devices like the Samsung Galaxy S series, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 pro max, iPhone XS, iPhone X, and many more.

2. Mophie

Like Belkin, mophie is another trustable brand for wireless chargers. It is a wonderful brand making world-class chargers for many years. Let’s discuss what features they offer.


  • Charging speed: It offers 7.5w power to charge the mobile still faster than normal chargers.
  • Package: It consists of a wireless charging stand that connects with cable work with an electromagnetic system.
  • Compatibility: It is compatible with devices like iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone XS iPhone X, etc.

Wireless chargers are useful and compatible stuff. It is portable and easy to use, just need to connect with comforting charging pads. It can easily be bought online or at physical stores. Since it is common these days so it can be easily available at any electronics accessories dealing store. Since it is endorsed makes our life easy and faster and can easily shop through online stores.


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