When the whole world is going through e-world miracles then why electric toothbrushes should stay behind?

If you don’t want to move your hand to wander around your teeth and gums so in that case, electric brushes are really handy stuff to use.

Electric toothbrushes help us to remove the stained cavities from our teeth and also make them clean and white. Like every single electric item, it is also one of the essential items you must keep with you at home and during traveling.

What Is Oral-B And What’s Special In It?

Oral-B is a well-known name we all know. In the manufacturing of toothbrushes, paste, and teeth floss it is a worthy one to trust. It already has earned its reputation so for by serving efficiently with its incredible tooth products which results in it gaining an enormous range of its customers today.

What Are the Products Oral-B Offering?

•       Manual Tooth Brush

•       Electric Tooth Brush

•       Tooth Floss

•       Mouth Wash

Oral-B Electric Tooth Brushes:

Electric toothbrushes are the most efficient and most consumable electric items for kids and adults. It helps to prevent cavities and tooth decay, fights against sensitivity, and plays an essential role in gum protection.

1.     It came in various sizes useful for every individual.

2.     It came with separate tooth heads which can be replaceable with others.

3.     Oral b introduced its advanced series which has its unique features.

•       The IO Series

•       The Genius Series

Oral-B Pro 1000 Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush

  • Brand Oral-B
  • Age Range (Description) Adult
  • Special Feature Brushing Timer, Pressure Sensor, Rechargeable
  • Power Source Corded Electric, Battery Powered
  • Item Firmness Description Hard

•      The IO Series: Oral-B already introduced the super cool io electric toothbrushes series. The IO series contains advanced AI technology that can monitor the front and back surfaces of your teeth. Also, it includes a greeting feature and an LED display with enhanced 3d tracking of your teeth.

•      The Genius Series: The Genius series offers 6 personalized modes for the specific portions of your teeth which is useful for us to prevent sensitivity and let our teeth shine. Not only that it is equipped with position detection mode which works with different positions around your mouth.


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