In this advanced electronic era when we have smartphones, smart wifi routers, smartwatches, and smart LED TVs why do smart temperature control mugs stay behind? For example, you made coffee but due to your work you forgot to drink it then we have to heat it again but the scenario is quite different. You don’t have to stand up and get your tea/coffee to heat it again you can do it by remaining sitting at your place with a temperature control smart mug. You just have to set the temperature exactly what you want, so your coffee/tea is never too hot or cold.

What Type Of Brand Is Ember And What Is Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug?

Ember is famous for making various mugs for drinking coffee/tea. Ember designed the special temperature control smart mug which can be used to set the temperature according to your preferred temperature not only this, but you can control the temperature also by using the smartphone. You can pair your phone with the Ember app to set your temperature and also receive notifications etc.

What Features Do Ember Mugs Provide?

Ember mugs provide useful features that include

Convenient: It is convenient for us to control the temperature for our drinking so coffee/tea will never be cool or never be too  hot it will remain normal

Connectivity With An App: Ember gives another smart feature that you can connect with the Ember app to control temperature.

Time Duration: Once you set the Mug temperature it can remain heated for 1.5 hours and keep your drink hot.

Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug 2, 14 Oz, App-Controlled Heated Coffee Mug with 80 Min Battery Life and Improved Design, Black

Ember has introduced the smart temperature control mug which makes it easy for us to get a cup of coffee/tea by setting our desired temperature which makes the task easy for us. If you are planning to buy temperature control smart mugs for yourself or to gift someone who is a coffeeholic then this would be the stuff to keep.


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