Toast is the perfect start to the day. It is quite a common thing that you eat in your breakfast. If you have to bake your toast on the stove instead of the toast maker machine then you’ll be late for your work you should at least have a toast maker for your breakfast.
Finding a reliable toast maker is also a hectic job so why not use recommend you Breville? Breville is an expert toast maker known for years. You can get a delicious sandwich at any time through Breville Toast Maker.

Breville toasties Maker

You need a fresh crispy sandwich for your breakfast and if you have a reliable manufacturer like Breville then the job will be easier. They make a durable product for their customers and offer replacement warranty and customer satisfaction facility in case of any malfunction. They have promised good services to their customers. We are going to discuss the Breville toaster maker model in brief one by one.

The Toast & Melt 4 Slice Sandwich Press

When we are getting late for our work we just need a decent sandwich made with sliced portions. It saves our time to make pieces from the knife that’s why toast maker is for you.

Making toast with 4 slice sandwich press

The Toast & Melt’s floating hinge stays flat on the bread for a crispy and juicy breakfast. The top plate can be set to one of four preset heights, and that’s it. While the top plate sits slightly above to melt cheese, the bottom plate makes contact to cook. Make toasties or crispy open-meat sandwiches that the whole family can eat.

Product Benefits

• Height adjustment with crush control and open melt positions.
• Premium quality non-stick covering for simple cleaning.
• Non-stick plates with a flat bottom and top.

Product Specifications

Warranty: It has a 1-year warranty with replacement in case of any malfunction with the machine.
Capacity: It has 4 slice capacity.
Construction material: aluminum cooking plates and heavy-duty die-cast arms made of stainless steel
Plate Design: Non-stick plates with a flat bottom and top.
Non-Stick Plate: Titanium-infused, high-quality, nonstick coating for simple cleaning.

Other Breville Toastie makers

Some other reliable Breville toastie makers are there that can give a wonderful start to your morning breakfast.
• Smart Press
• The smart grill pro
• Sear and press the grill
• Toast and melt 2 slices

Breville Sandwich/Panini Press & Toastie Maker | 3-Slice | Non-stick-coated aluminium plates | Stainless Steel


Breakfast is an important need of the day. If you have breakfast in the morning you will feel healthy and fresh the whole day. Breville Toast Maker made that easy for us. You can now eat the crispy and juicy sandwich in the morning freely. This toaster has 4 slice portions on it; there is no need to slice with a knife. However, it has made our life very easy. You can anytime order this amazing toaster from an online store and get your breakfast on time.


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