Security cameras are often used for surveillance, responsible for keeping an eye on a person’s activity and prevention of endangering situations. Whereas Panasonic introduced its Home Hawk window camera for security surveillance.

Home Hawk is the perfect model for outdoor monitoring and face detection. You don’t have to worry about home when you are equipped with this Panasonic Home Hawk window camera.


Panasonic home hawk window camera is not like another ordinary surveillance camera. It possesses many incredible features, let’s discuss them below.

From the comfort of the inside, observe the outside: An innovative, low-profile, and small outdoor camera is mounted inside. Cameras can be attached to almost any interior window using a powerful suction cup without drilling or complicated installation.

The camera is protected and charged: The indoor mount shields the Home Hawk from the elements and prevents theft. Since the camera plugs into a standard outlet, battery life need not be a concern. Alexa/Google Collaborator is viable.

Panasonic HomeHawk Window Home Monitoring Camera for Outdoor Monitoring, Color Night Vision, Mounts to Inside Window, Wide Angle, 24/7 Full HD Recording

HD Video Recording in Clear 1080p with Bright Night Vision: With high definition 1080p recording and a 150° wide-angle view, you can see clearly and without glare any time of day or night.

PREVENTS CARS, NOT PEOPLE: Stay away from unnecessary motion alerts. The technology known as “person detection” sees people and filters out their surroundings. For even more control, create a custom detection area.

NO FEES OR CONTRACTS: After any alert, at any time, a local microSDXC card (sold separately) stores two seconds of prerecording. No contracts or storage fees.

Get Connection With the Home Hawk App:

With Panasonic Home Hawk, setting up a powerful, wireless network of home monitoring camera systems both inside and outside the house is simple and quick. And use a single, easy app to monitor everything from your smartphone and tablet.


If you don’t want to store your security footage “in the cloud” and don’t want to pay monthly fees, the Panasonic Home Hawk Window camera is a great option. Those who are wary of the cloud will appreciate the quick push notifications, customizable detection areas, and local processing of motion events.


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