Electric devices like electric kettles, microwaves, electric ovens, and electric stoves make us live a lot easier as compared to the manual device we have to put lots of effort into cooking food. Among the electric devices, the electric kettle is the one that is not only supportive but an essential item to keep in our kitchen.

It is easy for us to make tea, and coffee boil water for the baby, and boil an egg in a few minutes by setting the timer. It is much faster than the ordinary kettle.

Top 3 brands for electric kettles:

Anyone is fond of drinking a good cup of tea or coffee. you can also make it a manual kettle but in this busy life, we are tired enough we can’t do our own so electric kettles are useful for that situation. It is also useful for traveling you can use make tea or coffee, and it will save a couple of bucks. You can place it in your office, home, etc. It also consumes low power and saves you energy costs. Let’s discuss the top 3 pick brands for electric kettles.

1. Cuisinart PerfecTemp Cordless Electric Kettle


  • Color: It Has Stainless steel
  • Temperature settings: It has six different settings.
  • Capacity: It is capable of carrying 1.7 liters of liquid.
  • Weight: It Weighs 3.6 pounds

Reasons to buy this:

  • It gives you 3 year’s warranty
  • It contains auto shut-off and boils dry technology.
  • It has a large capacity.

2. Zwilling Enfinigy Cool Touch Electric Kettle


Color: It has 2 colors Black and silver.

Temperature settings: It has one setting option.

Capacity: It is capable of carrying 1.5 liters of liquid.

Weight: It weighs 2.9 pounds.

Reason to buy this:

  • It has a Subtle stylish design
  • Matching appliances are available
  • It has a reasonable price.

3. Bodum Bistro Electric Water Kettle


  • Color: It comes in Black, red, and white
  • Temperature settings: It only has 1 set.
  • Capacity: It has the capability of carrying a 1-liter liquid.
  • Weight: It Weighs 2.1 pounds

Reason to buy this:

  • It  is Available in 3 colors
  • It contains Anti-boil dry technology
  • It acquires BPA-free plastic

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