Smart food scales are a completely different matter from kitchen scales, which are used by some people who fully trust their ability to estimate materials when cooking. These gadgets guarantee that you will receive precise measures so that you can follow recipes to the letter. With their corresponding companion apps, they also provide other advantages like keeping track of the calories and creating a history of everything you have weighed. If you’re intrigued but unsure of where to begin, don’t worry—we’ve compiled a list of the top smart food scales below so you can start taking advantage of their benefits whether you’re cooking at home or traveling.

1. Geek Chef Smart Digital Scale

Geek Chef Smart Digital Scale

Best smart food scale for recipe lovers

Maximum weight: 11 pounds
Companion app: Geek Chef app
Display type: LED

The Geek Chef app, which is compatible with the Geek Chef Smart Digital Scale, provides access to over 100 recipes and one million food databases, where you can modify and add your own food data. Through a Bluetooth connection with the smart food scale, the app can also be used to switch between the three weighing modes of the scale and record your daily intake of calories, vitamins, protein, and fat based on the food that you weigh.

2. NextLevel Fit Smart Kitchen Scale

NextLevel Fit Smart Kitchen Scale

Best smart food scale for calorie counters

Maximum weight: 11 pounds
Companion app
: NextLevel Fit app
Display type:

The NextLevel Fit Smart Kitchen Scale can assist you if you’re serious about taking charge of your health because the NextLevel Fit app can precisely and thoroughly record every meal and beverage you weigh, providing you with nutritional data. Calorie counts and macronutrient values are automatically added to the app through an easy-to-use method, freeing you up to concentrate on preparing nutritious meals.

3. Lifehood Digital Food Scale

Lifehood Digital Food Scale

Best smart food scale for weighing containers

Maximum weight: 11 pounds
Companion app
: Hapi Health app
Display type:

You must first put liquids and powders in containers to weigh them. This is where the Lifehood Digital Food Scale’s Tare function comes in useful. To make things more comfortable for you, it resets the weight reading after you position the container but before you place your ingredients. Weight readings can be viewed on the scale’s backlit display or through the Hapi Health app, which centralizes your records for easy access.

4. Renpho Nutrition Scale

Renpho Nutrition Scale

Best smart food scale for heavier weights

Maximum weight: 22 pounds
Companion app
: Renpho Health app
Display type:

The Renpho Nutrition Scale’s 22-pound weighing capability makes it a fantastic option for individuals who will be handling greater weights, like when you’re preparing components for a family supper. The Renpho Health app synchronizes data with the Apple Health app and can analyze the food you’re weighing to determine how many calories, fats, and carbs you’re consuming. In addition, the smart food scale has a hole-designed back so you can hang it up when you’re done using it, a clear LED display, and a Tare feature.

5. Hoto Smart Food Scale

Hoto Smart Food Scale

Best smart food scale for on-the-go foodies

Maximum weight: 6.6 pounds
Companion app
: Mi Home app
Display type:

For those who travel frequently, the Hoto Smart Food Scale is an excellent option because of its portability, which enables you to weigh items like coffee while away from home. Both the high-resolution LED screen and the Mi Home app, which will accurately capture your weight, will display the weighing data. Additionally, the app can act as a hand drip assistant by recommending the ideal water ratio and brewing time.


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