We are living in a world full of terror and hooliganism where we can’t feel secure. This type of situation simply causes fear and threat among the people. We have law enforcement agencies to protect us but we must take care of our security. As far as video bells are concerned, they have been trending for many years since the threat has increased. It is better to place a video bell at your front gate of the house rather than the ordinary one. It sounds secure if bring a video doorbell to your home so everyone can view the video of the person at the gate before opening it.

Why video doorbells are better?

 According to several surveys and people reviews they consider Video doorbells have a high preference over ring bells because they sound safe and secure. It is not just that it has a camera 1080 connected to Wi-Fi, even you can talk with audio, and it has a recording time of the 60s. When someone rings the bell it records the motion of an event and when it stops video will also be stopped. Another advantage of video doorbells over ring bells is that they can’t be easily hacked.

Do video doorbells need Wi-Fi to run?

If you are the leader of the house then you must keep your family safe. The common question arises as to whether video doorbells use Wi-Fi to work the answer is video doorbell doesn’t need a Wi-Fi connection to record video but as far as some features they may need Wi-Fi, for example, a video stream when someone is at your front door then it needs a Wi-Fi connection and have access cloud storage to store a video.

Is video doorbells expensive stuff to buy?

This stuff is useful as it is also on the budget price. So far we have spent too much money on expensive products so we must keep this one for our family’s security. As far as the price is concerned it costs between 55$ and 99$ which is the very least value to keep you safe from any upcoming threats.

Should we trust Arlo to buy video doorbells?

Arlo is a professional American company well known for designing security products like security surveillance cameras, security locks, Arlo secures, floodlight cameras, and video doorbells to view the full vision of a person who is at your doorstep.

Arlo essential wireless video doorbell

Arlo brings you its best wireless video doorbells and offers full surveillance when someone is at your front door by detecting the motion of the person. It allows the head-to-toe vision of the individual ringing your doorbell.


  • It is portable.
  • Reliable long-lasting product.
  • It is cheap to buy.
  • It is battery operated device that offers full coverage of the person at your doorstep.
  • It is easy to install.
  • It comes in two colors black and white.

We have seen why it is useful to keep Arlo’s doorbell as it is taking all the measures for keeping our family safe. We should buy this wonderful product which is available at the lowest price. To decrease the burglar threats this device is a contribution to our security by showing us the complete vision if there were any suspicious person on our main door, thus we must place it at our office and house so the risk of security threat can be reduced.


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