I like gadgets that provide hands-free operation and automation for ease. Numerous everyday actions may be programmed to run automatically to simplify routines. For example, you could ask Siri to switch off the bedroom lights from your bed, or have your door automatically lock behind you when it senses that it is closed.

SwitchBot recently introduced the SwitchBot Curtain 3, a new smart home automation device, in the name of convenience.

Room-darkening curtains are a must-have if you’ve ever raised a child; they should be the first item on the baby registry. My kids have come to equate bright lights with waking up, so it’s a standard that I now rely on. When the sun sets two hours after bedtime in the summer, consider the implications of this.

It took a few minutes to set up the SwitchBot Curtain 3, and during that time, some time was spent fiddling with the manual and parts to figure out what went where and which way it needed to face. I would advise allotting approximately one hour for installation if you have never installed any prior versions. It just takes a few minutes to add the device to your curtains once you get the hang of it.

Two 84-inch-long room-darkening panels that connect in the center to close are the curtains in my toddler’s bedroom. To maintain the ability to open the curtains in the center, I added two SwitchBot Curtain 3 bots, but you can add simply one to move the curtains from one side to the other.

SwitchBot Automatic Curtain Opener – Bluetooth Remote Control Smart Curtain with App or Timer

It was easy to couple the SwitchBot Curtain 3 with the SwitchBot app by using Bluetooth, pressing a button on the robot, and then following the on-screen instructions. If you use more than one device, you can name them once you’re in and indicate which room they belong in. In the nursery, we already have multiple SwitchBot devices: a thermometer/hygrometer, a bot to change the sound machine from rain to white noise, and a smart plug to operate the monitor, nightlight, and sound machine.


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