We all have seen the manual switches in the past which was used for on/off purpose. light switches were introduced in the 18th  century since then we have seen many changes in the evolution of light switches.

Evolution of light switch

A few years back we had a simple manual light switch just to on/off a device/machine. Since time has passed we got switch evolved with its wonderful features which just have to connect to wifi and can be connected & controlled by an app such as Alexa, apple tool kit, and also by sensing someone’s presence.

Smart Light Switches:

Smart light switches work with the wireless network via connecting to the wifi. it looks like ordinary light switches and dimmers but it’s a smart light switch it features distinguishable from the manual switch you can on/off with voice via the app and you don’t have to do it manually as you do in ordinary switches.

What are the reliable producers of smart switches?

1. Philips:

Philips is a well-known company for making quality electronic items like energy-saving bulbs, LED lights, fans, manual switches, smart light switches, and many other kitchen appliances, etc. Philips is a fine name when it comes to electronic devices. The same goes for its smart light switches. Let’s discuss some useful features of Philips smart light switches.

Philips Smart Light Switch

  • Easy to set up: It can be set up with the Hue app.
  • Wireless:  It can contain no internal or external wiring it wirelesses you just have to stick and click it.
  • Connect with the app: It can be run with an app like Alexa, Apple Tool Kit, etc.
  • Custom controls: It has customizable options for the program, switch to on/off to brighten or dim the lights, and more.
  • No battery: It requires no battery.

Philips Hue Smart Dimmer Switch with Remote, White – 1 Pack – Turns Hue Lights On, Off, Dims or Brightens

2. Kasa Smart 3 :

Like its name, Kasa has brilliance in the electronic industry. It made its name by producing light bulbs, dimmers, switches, smart light switches, etc. It makes high-quality smart switches that let it know a bit more.

Kasa Smart 3 Way Switch

  • Voice control: It is voice control connected with Amazon Alexa, Apple tool kit, and Google Assistant.
  • Smart lighting system: Can be turned on and off just by sitting at your place but not only this can dim or brighten the lights too.
  • Wireless: It Requires no wiring.

Kasa Smart 3 Way Switch HS210 KIT, Needs Neutral Wire, 2.4GHz Wi-Fi Light Switch works with Alexa 

Smart light switches have made our lives easy. It is convenient for us to control it from one corner of the room and the smart cool gadget for your home. Since it is an essential cool thing you must place at your home to control switches by remaining in your comfort zone.


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