Smart door locks are one of the best security measures you can take for your home security. It reduces the risk of crime like robbery and prevents the burglar from entering your home. Security threats are a measure issue today so we have to take care of them by placing these devices in our place.

Are Smart Door Locks Worth It?

For your home security, smart door locks are an essential device to place in your office or home.

Some reliable manufacturers of smart door locks are mentioned below.

1. August

August not only makes fine smart door locks but also provides them with special features that are essential for security. let’s look at ours for August Wi-Fi Smart Lock which has really interesting features.


 Color: It comes in silver and black.

Connectivity: It has a wifi connection. it connects with wifi and works with Alexa, the Apple tool kit, and Siri to enable voice assistance.

Auto-unlock: August smart door locks can auto-lock and unlock by accessing your phone.

Warranty: It offers a 1-year warranty, in case of any emergency you call it a 24/7 service.

Key unlock: It can also unlock with a keypad by entering a code.
Easy install: It is easy to store, a guide manual is given with its cover or you can call its customer service department.

August Home, Wi-Fi Smart Lock (4th Generation)– Fits Your Existing Deadbolt in Minutes.

2. Schlage Encode Smart WiFi 

Schlage provides you you high-security smart locks so you can fully access the house. Schlage has launched the latest features of its smart security locks. It will constantly send pictures and notifications when someone’s at your door.


Access privilege: Schlage introduces a smart system when you have reached home it connects your phone and gets you access, you can also give access to others like your family members, friends, homeowner, etc.

Alert system: The great feature of the Schlage smart lock is that it will send you a message, or email and send you a picture of a person who is accessing your door lock.

Connectivity: It uses Bluetooth technology and connects with wifi so you can detect from anywhere you are sitting.

Advanced Ai:

It detects any individual when someone is at your door smart technology gives you full information about someone who is trying to access the lock if you are out of your home.

Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt with Century Trim In Aged Bronze

3) Level Bolt

Like others, Level Bolt also has not compromised on their smart doorbells product. Through its smart lock, you can buy a perfectly secure system for your home. It always keeps you informed, about who is accessing your door.


Long battery duration: It can run for 500 days if it has a reliable battery.

Auto lock/unlock. It automatically senses the person and automatically locks and unlocks the door.

Access sharing: You can give access to family members and your friends when they arrive smart door lock will recognize them and unlock them.

Inform about any motion: It’ll inform you if someone is standing at your door by sending you messages, pictures, and emails.

Level Bolt Smart Lock – Smart Deadbolt that Works with Your Existing Lock for Keyless Lock Entry.

Nobody wants to use centuries-old locks that can be operated manually with a mechanical key and can be easily broken, also its key can easily be copied from the lock and easily accessible. There is no such thing as smart door locks. These locks are convenient, they not only provide you camera but a picture can be taken and sent to an email, or message. You will get all the information that is at your door and can be used from anywhere. Nowadays it is a threat to living like a gentleman so you must keep these security devices to take care of yourself. Smart door locks are not just useful but necessary measures you should take for your home. It consists of wonderful features so you can feel secure. After all, security is necessary for our loved ones, and smart locks will be the best decision for your family if you buy this stuff and place it at your home. 


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