How does Aerogarden work?

Aerogardens are made to make it easier for you to grow your flowers, vegetables, salad greens, and herbs at home. Each Aerogarden model is compatible with our seed pod kits. Seed pod planting is fun and simple! Add water and the patented, specially formulated liquid nutrients to the pods that have already been seeded in your garden. The majority of plants germinate in seven to fourteen days, are ready for harvesting in four to six weeks, and will continue to produce harvests continuously for up to six months or longer. It’s never been easier or more delicious to grow food indoors!

The AeroGarden Bounty Elite Smart is here

Attractive. Powerful. Redesigned with nearly 40 new features to keep the 9-pod configuration and 24″ of growing height while making it even simpler to cultivate your favorite plants year-round.

Prominent Features

Take the guesswork out of growing

Your plants will continue to mature even when you are away for a few days. To return to a thriving and healthy garden, activate Vacation Mode.


Healthy plants yield a lot of fruit and vegetables with more flavor. You can grow even more variety with a sleek, modern garden that looks great in any room because the Grow Deck can accommodate up to nine plants.

Enhanced Grow Lights

How much, exactly? You have complete control over the growth light intensity in the garden thanks to infinite dimming. To replicate the natural environment, our Sunrise/Sunset feature gradually brightens or dims the Grow Light over an hour.

Smart Gardening

Smart gardening is possible thanks to Bounty Elite’s Wi-Fi capability and the AeroGarden app’s ability to monitor and control it. No matter where you are, you can check your garden’s condition or turn on or off its lights.

AeroGarden Bounty Elite – Indoor Garden with LED Grow Light, WiFi and Alexa Compatible, Stainless Steel


• This indoor garden can be used to grow up to nine different kinds of flowers, vegetables, or herbs at the same time.

• It has a 50W adjustable LED grow light that gives your plants the full spectrum of sunlight they need to grow quickly, up to five times faster than an outdoor garden.

• It has a timer that makes sure the lights turn on and off at the right time. The digital screen shows your garden’s vital statistics and reminds you when to add things like water and plant food.

• It is compatible with Wi-Fi and Alexa, Amazon and all connected Imprints are Brand names of, Inc. or its offshoots.

• New, modern design made of stainless steel with a growing deck and larger water bowl; vacation mode keeps your plants healthy while you’re away.


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