Clothes are the presentation of humans. If we want to represent ourselves in society then we must be well-dressed. We should clean and tidy clothes to enhance our personality. Our fabric defines us and presents our personality. If clothes are not well maintained and dirty then it will not be appropriate for us to go anywhere without cleaning up our clothes.

Philips fabric shaver will reduce your load which allows us to remove all kinds of fabric pills from garments. It is not only responsible for cleaning up our clothes but it can clean all kinds of fabrics like bedsheets, sofa covers, shirts, sweaters, and blankets.

Benefits of using Philips fabric shaver

Well, everyone likes to keep their garments clean, by using a fabric shaver you can get rid of these fabric pills. Here are the benefits of using a fabric shaver.

Makes old garments brand new

It Removes fabric pills. It is suitable for every type of garment like bed cover, blanket, sweater, etc. It uses 2 AA batteries and makes your fabric just like new.

The large surface area of the blade for quickly covering a large area

It covers the large area of the garment by using a large blade to make it like new.

Fast Speed rotation per minute

It performs 8800 rounds per minute for the rapid and effective removal of fabric pills from the fabric.

Easy removal of waste material from the fabric.

All fabric pills that are not removed from the fabric are stored in a container. Just after cleaning all the pills, you can simply throw that container into the waste.

Technical Specifications

We have some benefits and basicity of the Philips fabric shaver, now let’s see the technical specifications.

Power type

  It uses 2 AA type batteries


  It comes with 2 accessories with it

  • Brush
  • Fabric protects


It is lightweight though it is easy to carry. Its total weight, height, and length are Product dimensions (WxHxL): 12, 3 x 5, 8 x 8 cm

Philips Fabric Shaver, Removes Fabric Pills, Large Blade Surface, Cleaning Brush, Includes Batteries, Suitable for All Garments


Fabric pill growth is normal in a garment, especially an old one. It should be so your garment could be better and new again. Whether it is the shirts you wear in your office, either your bed sheets, it could be your blanket, or could be curtains. The advantage of having a Philips fabric shaver is that you can remove fabric pills from all types of fabrics so the garment can look new again. You can get your new Philips fabric shaver now from (any Website Link required) and keep your garment clean and tidy from the fabric pill.


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