Ironing clothes is a necessary thing we must do, it represents good habits, discipline, and manners. Either we are going to a wedding or having an interview iron is necessary. For that, we must keep a good piece of iron. Some irons are not compatible with the cloth they burn and ruin our clothes. To overcome this good iron is needed to save time and money.

Steam Iron VS Dry Iron

Steam iron uses water for our clothes while dry iron doesn’t need that. Sometimes we need water to press our clothes but sometimes we don’t. Steam iron contains water and pressing the release button releases heated water but it makes our fabric burn sometimes if the fabric is thin that’s why people mostly prefer dry iron. Steam iron has also had some good facts but due to its less compatibility, it is neglected. Whereas dry iron doesn’t need water it is solid plain iron. One advantage dry iron has over steam iron is that it has less power consumption under 1000watts or 1000watts, while steam iron heats water to produce the steam that consumes a lot of power. However, both have some good facts and use different conditions for ironing.

Should steam be used as dry iron?

Yes, steam iron can be used as a dry iron, empty the water from its tanks, and use it in dry mode. Most people use a steam iron as a dry iron to iron their clothes because steam heat changes their fabric thread shape faster than dry iron.

Is Panasonic ni-wl600 cordless steam/dry irons worth it?

Well, Panasonic has been a genuine manufacturer of realistic iron for many years. It developed many cords and cordless irons for us. Here we are discussing what is special in this one. The first feature is that it is cordless or in other words, it is used without power or main supply.


  • Cordless: Its main feature is that it is cordless, this 1500 watts of dry/steam iron ends the struggle of tangling wire and iron more quickly and conveniently on various cloths.
  • Iron in all directions: It efficiently irons 360 angles in all directions.
  • Heat, steam, and dry settings: It contains the settings for each heat, dry, and steam just at the touch of the button.
  • Portability: It is portable, and contains a lightweight case for it to carry easily.

Panasonic Cordless Iron, Portable 360-degree Freestyle Dry/Steam Iron with Precision Tips and Stainless Steel Soleplate.

Panasonic products always make it easy for us to do things according to our needs. Like its iron steam/dry Panasonic ni-wl600 iron, which is more reliable, convenient, and easy to use. It can switch the heat, dry, and steam mode depending on our fabrics, making it smarter. It is worthwhile especially its cordless feature is amazing which has replaced all the old irons


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