VR headsets are one of the most lovable 3d devices among young and adults. It stands for virtual reality. It consists of headbands, users have worn on their heads like Goggles. It contains a high-resolution 3d effect with powerful sound. It will give you the feeling like you see these visuals in your real life that’s why it is called virtual reality.

Can we also place our smartphones in front of the VR headsets?

Some users find it expensive so their question is whether we can use our smartphones with it. The answer is yes you have to buy VR goggles and VR gear to connect the smartphones and this will not cost you much as VR headset and keeps you in budget.

Tops brands in 2022 for VR headsets

1. HTC

We all know HTC. It is a well-known company for making mobile phones, tablets, and VR headsets. HTC is offering one of the best VR headsets in the world. HTC Vive Virtual Reality System is a great example of it which offers the perfect 3d vision and reality.


  • Comfortable vive seats: It contains comfortable vive seats maximum space of 11’5″ x 11’5”
  • Fully interactive: It provides you with the visual in 360 degrees so it can feel real.

2. Oculus Go:

Oculus Go provides advanced realistic visual motion in its VR headset. Let’s discuss its wonderful features below.


  • Graphics: Provide high-quality resolutions with 1832 x 1920 pixels with 360 visuals.
  • Virtual controllers: It provides you with two controllers that act as virtual arms.
  • Processor: It provides 6GB RAM.
  • Casting: It can cast your connection with your friends to play video games with the group.

Vr headsets are among the most popular electronic stuff in the world. It can be used to watch your favorite movies and tv shows, play video games, live stream cricket, watch news or business meetings, etc. Its exciting features are fascinating especially with vive seat so you just watch your favorite thing.

There are a lot of VR headsets but not everyone is reliable except the above 2. HTC and Oculus Go are included among the best VR headset manufacturers in the world providing you high resolution, 3d VR headsets guarantees the long life of their products. Their products can be purchased from the online platform, after all, they make their best to please people so they can relax and enjoy their leisure time.


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