What Are Air Fryers?

Air fryers are kitchen item that is used to fry food with a little oil or with no oil. Especially when you have a large family, this will be a useful item to keep at your home. It is specious from the inside and can contain 1 or 2 pounds of food at a time.

The Best Foods To Air Fry

Everyone is fond of good food and wants to eat a delicious bite, so an air fryer is an option for you. We can discuss which type of food you can cook air fryer. Well you cook the dry items without gravy and they are:

  • Steak
  • Patties-
  • Pizza
  • Sandwich
  • Kabab
  • Tikka
  •  Chicken drumsticks
  •  Meatballs
  •  Fried chicken
  • Veggies like potatoes, broccoli, zucchini, mushrooms & onions, and cauliflower.

What is Gourmia?

Gourmia is the manufacturer of home appliances used for cooking stuff. For several years, they have been in the market and provided many cooking items to their consumers at value prices.

Are Air Fryers Worthy Enough Items for A Kitchen Upgrade?

It is very healthy to cook foods in air fryers and it’s become common in people in a few years. Every individual can get tasty food with low calories made with less amount of oil. It is worth buying as though it has been trending for many years. It is a quick way of cooking your meal for a large number of people with no oil.

Specification of Gourmia GAF698

Gourmia is providing its most reliable item gaf698 air fryer for you to make healthy and tasty meals so can enjoy them with loved ones at parties or home. We’ll look for the Gourmia gaf698 specification below.

Healthy cooking:  It can make healthy foods with less oil

Touch function features: It has 12 one-touch features, by which you can command diverse options by pressing it.

Fry force 360 technology: It comprises wonderful 360 technology, and it’ll cool your food from every direction without leaving it raw

Faster than ovens: It is faster than the oven it has a timer set to it and in that time it’ll cook your food

Screen display: It has a display view of time and temperature with a simple touch.

Easy to clean: It is easy to clean as it contains the nonstick, dishwasher, safe basket, and multipurpose rack.

Air fryers have gained lots of popularity in the last decade. a lot of people upgraded items in their kitchen. It is a useful thing for those who want their favorite meal to be served with little oil or no oil. You can make lots of baked stuff in it like, pancakes and pizza, etc. It takes less time and serves us healthy, tasty, clean, and delicious food to make our day special.


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