Introducing Nutrichef

Our intelligent all-in-one solution for hassle-free BBQ remote monitoring. What apps are compatible with Android and iOS? EasyBBQ? Mobile app and receive push notifications whenever the cooking temperature of your food reaches the desired level. Excellent for grilling, baking, and even smoking! For a perfect smoke, set a timer and keep an eye on the temperature.

Get sophisticated features while maintaining simplicity. With the digital display on the tabletop console, you can quickly check the temperature without reaching for your phone. The versatile application highlights permit you to leave the kitchen without demolishing your meat.

NutriChef Bluetooth Meat Thermometer for Grilling and Smoking, up to 6 Temperature Probes and Smart APP, 400 Ft Range, LCD

About this item

  • Outdoor Wireless Range of 400′: Kit and accessories for a smart, cordless, professional grill. If the chef leaves the wireless Bluetooth range of your cell phone, you will receive an immediate push notification on your smartphone.
  • 2 Updated Thermometers Made of Stainless Steel: For the duration of the cook, safely place a metal, heavy-duty thermometer probe inside any oven or grill. The probe can withstand stainless steel cable wire up to 716 F and high heat smoking temperatures of up to 482 F.
  • Smartphone Alarm For Done: At the point when the sensor recognizes the steak or meat arrives at the set temperature the Apple iPhone iOS or Android Wi-Fi versatile application will send pop-up messages and sound pocket caution to take meat from gas or charcoal bar-b-que, smoker or stove.
  • 6 Simultaneous Probe Monitoring: It ships with two probes, but you can add up to four more! Multi-alert remote monitoring of food temperatures in Celsius or Fahrenheit modify and save professional cooking presets for your favorite recipes in the kitchen.
  • Digital Display for Instant Reading: The large electric backlit LCD, which can be held or placed on an adjustable surface stand, is ideal for quickly observing the progress of the cook or smoke timer. The digital display will switch between the two readings automatically.

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